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Educational Information

American Psychological Association Report
of the Task Force on the Trafficking of Women and Girls:

LINK - Executive Summary of  APA report (38 page PDF)

LINK - APA Full Report (91 page PDF)

Link to UNICEF Human Trafficking Fact Sheet (PDF Link)

Here you can find valuable information on Human Trafficking in the US and ways you can help.

Link to 'Human Trafficking Videos'

Here you will find several videos introducing Human Trafficking as seen in the US and world.


Order free "Rescue and Restore" brochures, posters, videos, etc.

This link will direct you to free anti-trafficking resources you can use in your next community meeting—courtesy of the U.S. department of health and human services.


Human Trafficking Cheat Sheet  (PDF Link)

This fact sheet gives you general information about human trafficking, what it is and who is affected.


Potential Trafficking Indicators  (PDF Link)

This sheet is a list of red flag you can keep in mind when encountering possible victims of human trafficking.


Human Trafficking FAQs- Polaris Project

Find answers to frequently asked questions about human trafficking.

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